Raw pet foods

Top Healthy Pet Food For Special Diets

Top Healthy Pet Food For Special Diets

I’m quite sure that you’ll agree with me when I say:

Every pet owner knows that their first priority when bringing pets into their family is to make sure that they stay healthy.

The bottom line is that regardless of whether it’s a dog or cat, we love our pets evenly and want them to live a long, vibrant, and healthy life.

But how?

The exercises, games, and activities are all amazing ways to keep our pets healthy but that is just half of the answer. We need to give our furry-friend a nourishing and healthy diet. There is a new trend these days about giving pets a healthy diet.

Raw pet foods are becoming increasingly popular for humans because people are paying more attention to healthy eating these days to help get rid of obesity and other health conditions.

People want to keep their pets healthier as well as protect them from potentially harmful additives and other issues that can contribute to the pet health problems down the road.

Raw pet food is a new choice that is similar to the natural way in which animals get food in the wild. 

When feeding raw, you’re imitating your pet’s natural, species-appropriate diet, which helps your pet achieve optimal health, vibrancy, and longevity.

Raw pet food is one of the options accessible to dog owners who are looking to feed their pet’s high-quality diet. And is one of the pet foods that some veterinarians recommend as the best pet foods in the market nowadays.

The following are the benefits of feeding your pet raw pet food:

– Improved Immune System for your pet.

– Your dog will have a faster body recovery and healing time as well.

– They will have enough energy to play throughout the day.

– Your dogs will have less chance of exposure to dog allergens.

– Raw dog food contains appropriate amount and nutritional value that your dog needs to stay healthy.

– With raw dog diet, your dogs will have less sick days.

– You no longer need to buy expensive supplements just to help your dog’s health.

– Helps maintaining ideal weight.

Now that we have seen the benefits of raw pet food and how it can be healthy to our pet, let’s examine the varieties:

  1. Organic Pet Food
  2. Vegetarian Pet Food
  3. Pasture pet food
  4. Free Run Pet Food
  5. Free Range Pet Food
  6. Grain-free Pet Food
  7. Gluten Free Pet Food
  8. Hormone Free Pet Food

1) Organic Pet Food

Organic pet food is produced without the use of synthetic fertilizers; pesticides, or sewage sludge. It too has no GMO grains or irradiation.

Dog diets and the ingredients used are produced by farmers dedicated to the use of renewable and the conservation of soil and water for a better environment now and for the future.

Our pets should be happy and healthy too and one way to achieve this is by giving them organic pet food.

When purchasing organic pet food, first of all, read the labels carefully and ensures that the food you buy is truly organic and not just labeled that way. Make sure it is certified and contains at least 95% organic ingredients.

If you want to provide your pet the best so it can live a long productive life, you do not need to feed your pets any cheap food that will not provide them with the nutrients they require.

Over time you will see the good effects of organic pet foods. If you have a cat or dog, which is the most common pet, their coat may become softer, their teeth will look whiter, and even the dog’s bark may become healthier and louder.

I’ve been giving my dog organic food for two years now, he has so much energy now that sometimes I do not know what to do with him! It has always been in good condition with no major health problems but now it is in the best possible physical condition.

Although, organic pet food may cost more, when you see results you will be happy to make the choice. I had a bad experience with commercial dog food.

I saw quite a few things that I was not happy with. Meat by-product was one of them, a long list of complicated words that I can’t pronounce. These are what I assume are other preservatives and additives. I was not eager on my dog eating meat by-products and a lot of chemicals that I could not even say.

Because of this, I started looking at organic pet food. What I found were real meats listed as organic or free range beef and chicken. Although they have other flavors too, these are the most popular.

What I did not see is a list of chemicals. I did find minerals and vitamins included, but nothing that seemed dangerous to my pets. The fact is that you will get better dog nutrition in organic pet food than what you can get in some commercial pet food.

This is simply because some organic pet foods will start with better ingredients than some other pet foods will.

Our organic pet diet is human – grade, and will enhance your pet mealtime with added flavor, moisture, and nutrition. It contains key nutrients. This is why it’s a perfect complement to bolster your pet’s immune system.

All our natural products help your dog or cat gets their daily need for moisture. This is very important because our pet bodies are about 65% moisture and unlike humans, they are designed to get the majority of their water from the foods they eat.

Organic pet food enhances oral health by reducing the buildup of plaque and lime to healthy teeth. As the first source of natural trace minerals, organic pet food helps strengthen the immune system, promotes healthy skin and coat, may reduce itching, and fortify blood for a healthy, vibrant life in general! Made from scratch synthetic ingredients, your dog or cat will love fresh, rich taste of our organic pet food!

If you have noticed that your pet is dealing with skin problems or allergies, you may have tried many options to try to solve the problem. The good thing about organic pet food is that there is no flavor enhances artificial colors, pesticides, or added chemicals.

Often these additives are the ones that cause allergies and skin problems. Eliminate them from your pet’s diet and you will probably see these problems disappear as your dog’s immune system helps build resistance to these problems.

Lastly, you will find that organic pet food can help improve the quality of your pet’s life and can even increase their longevity as well. What your pet eats greatly affects how they feel, act and look. Feeding your pet organic food will help ensure your pet lives a happy, healthy, and long life

Vegetarian Pet Food

There are a lot of reasons to consider feeding your pet vegetarian pet food. We all know cats and dogs to be carnivorous creatures that need meat to survive in the wild.

This is because dogs and other pets do not have access to the information we do. Meat naturally gives pet like cats and dogs the essential nutrients, energy, and fats their bodies need to survive.

Over the past few decades, more and more people have been embracing a vegetarian lifestyle, as we are aware of all the benefits of avoiding meat. Many of us wonder if our pets should not eat a vegetarian diet as well.

After all, the regular dog food consists of meat by-products, bone meal, and other meat industry products. The meat industry has a significant negative impact, on the environment, and many people object to the conditions under which animals are raised, vegetarian dog food can be the answer.

One of the best ways to keep your dog strong and healthy is to provide them with the right kind of food. You can easily buy different types of dog food in the market today.

There are some that were made from real chicken or lamb meat and there is some known as vegetarian dog food. Even vets find this type of food very nutritious and safe and that is why they often recommend it to their customers.

Although initially this kind of dog food will not be appreciated by your dog, you can still train them to eat some every day. You can feed them some meat in the afternoon and then add some vegetables at dinner.

Introducing this type of dog food to your pet may be quite tricky. For your dog to eat his meal, ensure to add a small amount of meat to their vegetable meal. I’m sure they’ll eat these in no time at all!

Dog food companies will not let you in on the inner story behind meat-based products. There are no safety guarantees and dogs never get to enjoy satiating, and healthy in most cases sanitary parts.

In dread instances, mainstream markets reject usually make their ways into pet food, including disease or dead cattle that never undergo inspections and other quality checks. Growth hormones are often injected into cattle and this will definitely filter into the bloodstream of your pets, causing serious damage sometimes.

Our vegetarian dog foods are never cooked in this blend and have grown in Indiana farms! This mixture is made up of whole foods of carrots, green beans, cauliflower, and spinach.

By serving your pet vegetables in their meal, they receive a Barf diet (bone and raw food) which is a very popular raw dog food. High in healthy protein, this natural blend contains the basic nutrients dog and cat needs to improve general health, organ function and maintain a healthy, vibrant overall life.

Pasture pet food

The basis of almost every home – prepared diet for dogs is animal-source protein, such as beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, dairy, or egg. These foods are very plentiful in our supermarkets that we take them for granted and assume they are nutritious.

In any case, our scientists, public health, officials, and medical specialists make no distinction between the food produced by animal raised outdoor on open pasture and that of animals raised in on factory farms.

About 90 percent of US farm animals live on factory farms, where, instead of green grass, they eat canned foods that may contain ingredients they were never designed to consume, such as corn and soybeans, or overcrowding, a lack of fresh air and sunshine, routine application of drugs and pesticides, inactivity, and stress weaken their immune system, make them vulnerable to infection and chronic diseases, soften bones, and reduce the quality of meat and eggs.

Feedlot cattle are usually treated with dewormers such as decxtomax, ivermectin, and other systemic pesticides, which are supposed to leave the animals after six months but the residue of which can remain in their fat for much longer.

Additional toxins migrate to the fat cells, while others, such as heavy metals, collect in the bones. Most cattle are raised on grass pastures and “finished” with 60 or 90 days remaining in fattening, eating a diet rich in grains (mostly maize) that are literally fortified with antibiotics, to prevent disease caused by stress, overcrowding, and an unnatural diet.

But you are what you eat, as the saying goes, the difference between the factory-raised animal meat and that of animals that dine on open pasture is dramatic.

Many holistic veterinary health practitioners routinely recommend that their patients eat animal origin products only if they are organic, feed on pastures or on a free range. By feeding your pet pasture pet food you can help ensure your dog lives a long, happy, and healthy life.

It is one ingredient in an overall healthy lifestyle that you can help your pet enjoy. A deluxe, shiny coat, energy to run and play, and a strong immune system can increase your dog’s life expectancy and quality of life to aging.

Our pasture Pet foods are complete beef from USDA inspected, free range cow raised on family farms and who were humanely harvested using the Temple Grandin method.

With 80% meat, 10% organ and 10% bone ratio, your pet get an AFCO approved, a full and balanced meal. Serve as a snack, snack, treat or “mix-in” with a partial raw food for added flavor, texture and nutrition.

Free Run Pet Food

By temperament, all dog and cat are developed as carnivores, biologically adapted for a diet rich and varied with fresh meat and small amounts of fruits, vegetables, and grasses That’s why our all-natural, signature blend complete chicken is sourced from free-range chickens, raised on a family farm in the great state of Indiana!

To nourish your pet, it is prepared in our Indiana kitchens from the American’s best and finest ingredients, this unique and biologically approved raw pet diet is a delicious way of keeping your pet healthy, happy, and strong. Examine our ingredients and you will be very happy.

Our Free-Run Poultry formula is loaded with the free chicken free cup, turkey, whole egg nests as well as fresh vegetables, fruits and plants. These ingredients arrive daily from reliable local farms to be cooked in private Indiana kitchens.

This recipe is friendly to meat and uses the Wholeprey ratios of poultry, organs, and cartilage with the frozen liver frozen chicken liver to freeze palatability. We have all-natural breasts; super healthy breasts come from free turkeys, raised in family farms in USA. It is a great source of essential, fat-free protein for your dog or cat. They are cut into small pieces that also make for easy consumption. Available in 2 bag vacuum sealed bag.

Key Benefits

  • 60% free-run poultry ingredients including chicken, turkey, giblets, & liver
  • Infused with freeze-dried chicken liver for palatability
  • 40% vegetables, fruits, botanicals, & zinc proteinate to support your dog’s peak health and immunity
  • Biologically appropriate diet with WholePrey ratios of poultry, organs, and cartilage

In addition to being packed full of protein, these turkey breasts are also rich in selenium, vitamin B6, and niacin. All of which provide your pet with energy production and healthy immune and metabolism function. The combination of nutrition, value, and convenience will make our turkey breast chunks a household favorite!

Modern dogs are developing like their ancestors and we believe they should eat like them. To know if your dog’s food is Biologically Appropriate, its simple, our Free-Run Poultry is loaded with 78% meat — up to twice as much as most pet specialty dog foods.

It supplies essential nutrients in their most nourishing form, and 1/2 is dried to provide a strong and natural source of protein and it contains ratios that include meat, organs, and cartilage to supply nutrients naturally and completely.

When other pet food s says they are ‘complete ground chicken’ they contain little percent of the ingredient. When we say our diet is complete ground chicken, it is.

These ingredients make up to 78% of the food with additional 22% being made up of other healthy vegetables, natural active ingredients, and no junk, cereals or fillers. Our food is made with free-run chicken, whereas others can be made from caged chicken from anywhere around the world. This pet diet is 100% completely balanced, providing natural health solutions for your pet at all stages of life and at an affordable.

Free Range Pet Food

Although words such as “free-range” and “organic” may seem attractive, some companies may adhere to minimum welfare standards due to the US Department of Agriculture requirements for naming.

For example, the criteria for “free-range chicken” are “access to the outdoor,” but they do not specify length, and this does not mean that the chicken is not debeaked. It is said that free-range chickens are healthier because they do not rely on synthetic chicken feed but on natural food found in their surroundings.

These methods have unfortunately become mainstream and traditional. The meat industry in particular not only allows animals to be raised with methods that are not humane, the product meat output is also sometimes higher in bad fats when the animals are not fed a diet that has evolved for consumption in order to produce cheap products.

The conditions of meat production plants today are driving many people to switch from the conventional grocery store – branded meat to brand that claim high-standard and advertise their products with terms like “free range”, “grass-fed” ‘humanely raised and ” antibiotic-free.”

Sometimes these words can be misleading, but overall, they offer an encouraging in the industry that seems desperately in need of improvement. Always check out the farms that get the meat brand from to see if they meet reasonable standards and do not use conditions while cutting corners.

Many people who have gone organic can attest that their pet has better immunity to common diseases. Their complexities have improved and they have fewer allergies. The health benefits of organic eating seem to have a lasting effect on people who follow an organic diet religiously. This phenomenon has ultimately affected a large number of dog owners who have come out of feeding their dogs with organic dog food too.

The demand and sales of organic dog food have recently increased considerably. Perhaps, dog owners realize the effects of dog malnutrition with commercial dog food, as far as preservatives – foods packed are harmful to human health.

This environmentally friendly campaign of people these days has been the product of people’s desire for a healthy living. For dog owners, it is a fact that the usual dog foods found in the market are not the best choice for their pets. Instead, organic dog food has also been prepared to keep their dogs healthy.

What you feed your dog will have an effect on how it looks, feels, and work. One way or another by feeding them raw free range pet food, you guarantee them a long, happy, and healthy life.

Our entire natural, signature blend complete beef is sourced from free-range cows raised on a family farm in the great state of Indiana! With a ratio of 78% meat, 12% organ and 10% bone, your pets will get a complete and balanced meal. This complete beef product is high in protein and naturally contains the necessary nutrients your pet needs to improve joint health, organ function and maintain an overall healthy, vibrant life.

Grain free pet Food

The idea of Grain-free pet foods is a relatively modern concept – one that has become popular because of pets that have been allergic to some grains in ordinary kibbles. Today this idea has caught on with large numbers of dog owners and grain free pet food are very popular.

So, what is grain free pet food? Many pets struggle to digest foods that are high in grains (including wheat and corn). Intolerance to grain can manifest in many ways, like digestive discomfort, skin itching, and suboptimal health. As you might guess, free grain pet food is a pet food that does not contain grains. At least on the surface, this is what it is. Most people think grain as wheat and corn and it is easy to find free grain food dog that does not contain these grains.

Grain-free pet foods are currently very popular; it is true that many pets do well on grain-free diets. Each ingredient in the diet provides a unique combination of nutrients for the general makeup of the food.

Together, ingredients need to combine to provide a complete nutrient file for your pet, without any excesses or deficiencies that can cause the disease to your pet. It is certainly possible for a free grain diet to provide this kind of full nutrition for your pet. In the past, wild prey provided all the necessary energy and nutrients a pet mostly cat and dog needed.

They held all the amount of fat and protein they needed. Dog ancestors relied on a meat-based diet, not a grain diet. But why then do we feed them a pet food that relies heavily on grain and other fillers, even though after centuries of evolution into domesticated animals today they have food requirements that have not changed?

The reason may be because it is cheaper. Carbohydrates from grain provide a cheaper source of calories for energy than meat. But this dilution by carbohydrates means fewer essential nutrients to meet your dog’s needs.

Not only do they have fewer nutrients, but grains such as corn and wheat provide a cheaper source of caloric energy that has been associated with gluten intolerance, food allergies and contributes to obesity and types 2 diabetes.

A Grain-free dog food is also used for digestion. As carnivorous pets, their stomachs do not handle grains well. A protein-rich diet is preferred because it is not only highly digestible, but it also provides maximum nutrient absorption and bioavailability.

Our grain-free, 100% organic chicken recipe provides the convenience of kibble along with the peace of mind knowing that your dog is getting a complete and balanced AAFCO approved meal. Serve as a meal or supplement to a partial diet.

Available in super convenient, 1-pound tube. This formula rich in nutrient-rich proteins is fully packed with whole organic foods such as peas, lentils, Garbanzo, and sweet potatoes. These nutrients provide optimal nutrition that adds to your dog’s energy, organ function, overall health, and vitality. It’s also complemented with antioxidants, amino acid profiles, and omega fatty acids that promote healthy skin and shiny coat.

Gluten Free Pet Food

There are pets that are very sensitive to grain. There are also dogs that develop allergies that cause many health problems. The sensitivity might be just wheat gluten, but caution dictates preference to a gluten-free diet.

In 2007, thousands of dogs died or were seriously ill after ingestion of wheat gluten, which was contaminated. Owners began to pay more attention to ingredient labels on dog food. After investigating the nutritional signs, you will notice that many of them have corn or wheat gluten as one of the basic ingredients.

With such a high proportion of gluten also came the highest carbohydrate content. This has the potential to be harmful to dogs with diabetes. They also conducted research suggesting that a high-carbohydrate diet may contribute to degenerative and chronic diseases.

A gluten-free diet can help improve your dog’s health and well-being. During this study, they also found that some dogs that are feeding table scraps live longer than those on strictly prepared commercial diets.

Recent news suggests that wheat gluten contaminated with melamine, a chemical found in Asian fertilizers, and is banned in American pet food and has been implicated in the disease of up to 8,800 pets, including the death of up to 2,797 animals, Most of them are cats.

The stories call for a deeper study of the role that non-tainted wheat gluten may play in chronic disease and degenerative illness in our beloved pet, whether cats or dogs.

The simple truth is that pets are, by nature, primarily meat eaters. Our Fido is historically scavengers, whose natural diet, according to a recent study by biologists Ray and Lorna Coppinger, consisting of “bones and pieces of carcass, rotten vegetables, fruit, fish guts, discarded seeds, grains, animal guts and heads, and some disposal of human food and waste.”

In the wild, a diet for dogs includes only the smallest amounts of grain, while cats are almost completely carnivorous and live in the wild on a diet consisting almost exclusively of small rodents.

Natural diets for both cats and dogs provide large amounts of animal proteins, fats, water, and little in the way of carbohydrates. Many educated pet owners are shifting instead of regular dog food to a gluten-free dog food. It is easier for the dog to digest it and also better for the animal general health.

Hormone Free Pet Food

Our gluten free, USDA inspected complete ground beef is sourced from cows raised on family farms and who were humanely harvested using Temple Grandin Methods. With a perfect ratio of 80% meat, 10% bone, and 10% organ, your pet is sure to receive an AAFCO approved, complete and balanced meal.

Our reputable brands of gluten free pet food provide all essential amino acids, proteins, and other key ingredients that enter into a balanced and nutritious balanced diet – without the potentially harmful and physically strenuous levels of unwanted gluten found in substandard dog foods.

Our whole beef is high in protein and naturally contains essential nutrients your pets need to improve joint health, organ function and maintain an overall healthy, vibrant life. This blend also contains amino acids which help the appearance of skin and coat and is necessary for healthy growth and development.

A new study on dog foods causes a sensation, for a very good reason. Environmental chemicals are believed to be the cause of a decline in the function of dog reproduction. The same chemicals were found in dog food.

Researchers Richard G. Leah & Co. Published on August 9th, 20016, a report titled Environmental Chemical Quality Semen Effect in vitro can be associated with a decrease in sperm motility and increased cryptorchidism.

On the background of low semen quality and a high proportion of non-infected testicles (testes) in humans associated with exposure to environmental chemicals during development, they reported that “the number of breeding dogs showed 26 years (1988-2014) Fertility in Male Males (1995-2014). There was also a decrease in the number of males born compared to the number of females.

Exe, including phthalates diethyl hexyl (DDH) and PCP 153 (PCB153) were detected in adult dog testes and commercial dog foods in reported concentrations to reproductive function disorder in other species.

The chemicals that cause endocrine disorder have become almost everywhere in many of the foods we consume, some of which, along with by-products, are included in most pet foods. In wet linings, in plastic packaging and wrapping dry and sub-humid foods.

Plastic processing can also be processed in processed foods along with disposable meat, and all packaging. Other estrogen mimics include endocrine disrupting contaminants from pets (and human) glyphosate foods and other herbicide residues such as atrazine in corn and other grains along with phytoestrogens in soy products especially in genetically modified soy, a food ingredient for pets used on a scale Wide.

Ethoxycine is an endocrine dysoptor and is still added to the pet as an antioxidant to reduce the stench.

Hormone-free pet food is an item that you think can be very common, but it is not as common as what you think. However, I am sure that if you are like me who has a dog that is for this item then you know the challenge of trying to find hormone free dog food at a reasonable price.

These days, it seems that every pet food carries a “hormone and antibiotic free” claim. The fact is that the majority of animals raised for human consumption in North America are fed hormone-fortified food.

Our hormone free pet food is truly hormone-free, sourced from free-range cows raised on a family farm in the great state of Indiana! With a ratio of 78% meat, 12% organ and 10% bone.

This complete beef blend is high in protein and naturally contains essential nutrients your dog or cat needs to improve joint health, organ function and maintain an overall healthy, vibrant life.

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