The Role Of The Holy Spirit In Our Lives

Just as Christ was sent by the Father with a clear mission and goal to accomplish on behalf of humanity, so is the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God is famously known as the Helper according to (John 14:26). He’s sent to empower us to live a life pleasing to God by making much of what Jesus has accomplished on behalf of us on the cross.

Source: Living for Jesus Alone

In that regard, it’s quite evident that His presence in our lives extremely underlines the significance of relying upon Him for empowerment, along with our inability to live the kind of life that God wants us to live. Think about that for a while, if God in all His understanding, knowledge, and wisdom sends someone for the sole purpose of helping us, we have to take very seriously.

The truth is that God knows that we can’t make that walk within our own human power and will. As a result, He sends us someone who is as powerful as He is to fill that huge inability gap we have within ourselves because of our sinful nature. Sadly, the Holy Spirit is the most misunderstood and ignored person out of the trinity, but He still years for us despite of that. On top of that, He plays a critical role in the life of the believer. The Christian life is based on what He’s doing within our lives. The truth is that without Him there’s absolutely nothing that we can do out of our human effort that would ever satisfy the standard of the Lord. It doesn’t matter whether it’s done out of our most sincere effort.

The Holy Spirit is the One who reveals Christ to us. He is the One who pointed us to our Lord and Savior by convicting us of our sins (John 16:8). Nobody can confess Christ is Lord without the leading of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:3). He’s the One who leads us to all truth of scripture (John 16:13). He is also the One who helps remember us scriptures, so that we can apply them properly whenever we face a situation that demands our responses. He does His works through the word of God. He’s the One responsible to shape our lives, our characters, and our whole being to the likeness of Christ after being saved.

In short, upon examining the purpose of the Holy Spirit, it’s quite obvious that we have no choice but to depend on Him. We have to create an environment into our lives that would let the Holy Spirit to carry out the very task He’s been entrusted with by God through our total submission to Him.

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Kapture The Night Photo Booth Rentals Brooklyn New York City

New York City Kapture the Night
About Kapture The Night’s Photo Booths in New York City and Brooklyn.

Capture The Night And Capture All The Fun!

Whenever you are organizing a party, one thing you always need are some creative things to keep your guests entertained. There are many things you can do to turn a boring party into a successful one. Renting a photo booth is one of them. We all love to act like children sometimes and make funny faces. A photo book is the ideal setting for forgetting about our inhibitions and unleashing our creativity, if only for a few minutes.

Before planning your next party, check out to find out what types of photo booths they have available for rent. They have seven different booths for you to choose from, and each one has its own unique features. For example, the Selfie Mirror offers you the chance to take the ultimate selfie without needing to use your mobile phone. The mirror is able to capture images.

Another great choice is the Instabooth, particularly if you have guests who are Instagram addicts. When this booth is rented, Kapture creates an Instagram hashtag for your party. All the photos that are taken in the booth will be uploaded by your guests directly under the hashtag. It’s a very cool way to share the highlights of your party to the entire world. Also, since the same hashtag is used for all of the images, it makes it easy for Kapture technicians to print them out or make photo albums or other items that you want.

The Superbooth is ideal if you want to take group photos. Despite being a slim booth, it can hold up to six individuals. There are some really cool features on this booth, including a pulsating sound system, air movers and LED lights. Your imagination can run wild. All your ideas will be brought to life with this booth. Here is a link to the New York City photo booth blog.

You can record video clips and turn them into slow motion movies with the Slow Motion photo booth. The booth comes equipped with plenty of props for your guests to choose from. Videos made in the booth can be shared via Tiwtter or emails or sent directly to Facebook.

Excellent photo enhancement possibilities are offered with the Green Screen. Various backgrounds can be used to help you easily transport your guests to foreign destinations and cultures. The photos can also be watermarked with the date and place.

There is also a basic photo booth if you prefer the old classics. It has many advanced features, including real time photo uploading capabilities, various graphics and backgrounds and LED lights. Your guests will be talking about your party or special event for many years to come.

To sum things up, Kapture’s photo booths are the ideal solution for spicing your party up and capturing all of the fun, no matter what its purpose or theme is. Photo booths are ideal for weddings in addition to corporate events and birthday parties. Your rental includes having professional staff on site to help you for as long as your party lasts. The fun is all guaranteed. The only thing you need to worry about is getting your guests to the photo booth.

Kapture Photo Booth
DJ Service • Staten Island
Address: 394 Grantwood Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10312
Phone:(718) 683-0588

Orlando Photo Booth Experts

Make Your Party More Exciting With A Photo Booth Rental

A party is not much fun without a source of entertainment. When planning a party, you may consider some of the same types of entertainment that are a bit traditional, such as hiring a magician to perform a show or a band to sing a few songs. While these entertainment options may be nice to have, they can end up costing you more than you can afford, especially if your budget is tight. If you would like an alternative source of fun for your party, try renting a photo booth.

Amazing Photo Booth Strips

Today’s society loves taking pictures of themselves. In fact, they may have dozens of their personal selfies on their phones. So, why not give them an option to do something they already enjoy while using a few crazy and silly props at the same time? It has booth rentals at affordable rates and offers these options to those who live in or around Jacksonville and Orlando.

Not only do they offer a broad range of photo booths, they have taken the initiative to use the latest technology that will enhance the entire experience. For example, they have a booth with LED lights all around it. You can have the colors of those lights customized specifically to fit with the color theme of your party. The booth offers entertainment, but it can also add appeal to your party by blending in with all of your other decorations.

It is so simple to take pictures while sitting in the booth. If you happen to have a difficult time for whatever reason, an attendant will provide assistance. There is no stress involved. Instead, you can just sit with some of your friends, pose, and start taking those funny photographs.

It only takes a few seconds to have several pictures printed out and ready to show off to everyone else. Aside from the prints that you and everyone else can take, you can receive a DVD that features every single set of pictures taken on the night of your party. You will even have the option to share those pictures with the world by adding them to social media right away. Your Facebook friends who did not attend the party will see what they are missing out on immediately. Visit them online for.

During each wedding season, a total of four pictures are taken. Everyone will have their turn to sit in the booth and take pictures, whether they want to do so alone, with their partner, or with a bunch of friends. It will be plenty of fun to make silly faces and use some of the props that come with the photo booth just to get pictures that are simply hilarious.

Only high-quality Canon DSLR cameras are used to take the photographs, so you never have to worry about grainy low-quality images. Who needs a photographer to take pictures with a camera when these photo booth pictures come out just as good? In fact, they may look even better because of the goofy props that are included.

Does a photo booth sound like it would be the perfect addition to your next party? If so, consider speaking to someone over at The Cool Booth where they have plenty of options to offer. Once you know the date of your party, you can book the booth of your choice to make sure it is available. Watch more of our Videos here.

Locations We Service
The entire state of Florida, including: Orlando, Daytona Beach, Melbourne, Central Florida, Kissimmee, St. Cloud, Tampa, Jacksonville, Florida, Panama City, St. Augustine, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Pensacola.

3 Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Medical Equipment

When you are looking to buy new medical equipment, you may be overwhelmed with all the choices out there. That’s why it’s important to know what is important for you to consider as you look for the equipment you need. If you keep the following things in mind, you will be able to buy medical equipment for your practice that will last a long time.

Consider Used Equipment

Buying used medical equipment is a good idea for a lot of reasons. For one thing, used equipment can be acquired for substantially less money than new equipment. However, in many cases, you are not sacrificing quality. As you likely know, technology is always advancing and a lot of the time, medical equipment is updated; some practices may run out to buy the newest equipment, but their older equipment is as good as anything else you can buy on the market. Sell or buy second hand medical machines online with Med Standard.

If you do choose to buy used medical equipment, it’s important that you find a seller you can trust. That way, you can find out more about the history of the equipment, and and information about any repairs that have already been done. Sites such as have reputable sellers that you can trust to get equipment that’s in good shape.

Focus On More Than Price

While it is of course something you must keep in mind, cost is just one of the things you need to consider when buying medical equipment. You must also remember that quality and features are important. If you are eager to save money without considering anything else, you may buy a piece of equipment that fails more quickly than a quality piece. You may not be able to give your patients the best care if you aren’t seeking medical equipment that has the features you need to keep your patient healthy and comfortable. Try to find equipment that is within your budget but has other qualities you need as well. Learn more about MRI devices here.

Talk To Others

Before you decide on a piece of equipment, talk to other specialists in your industry to find out which equipment they are buying. An easy way to do this is to head to online forums and groups. When you talk to others, you’ll find that they have advice on which medical equipment to buy, and which medical equipment you should avoid. This information can be invaluable during your search, since you will be able to avoid pitfalls that others have fallen into.

Not only that, but you can also have your questions answered about what kind of equipment you actually need. You can get great assistance from others to make sure that the equipment you’re seeking will offer the best to your practice and your patients.

  • Used C-ARM
  • Used EEG Machines
  • Used MRI
  • Used Respiratory
  • Used Ultrasound
  • Used Ultrasound Transducers
  • Used Anesthesia Machines
  • Used Bone Densitometry Machines
  • Used C-Arm Machines
  • Used Cardiology Machines
  • Used Cath Lab Machines
  • Used CT Scanner Machines
  • Used ECG and EKG Machines
  • Used EMG Machines
  • Used Endoscopy Machines
  • Used Heart Lung Machines
  • Used Mammography Machines
  • Used Medical Imaging Equipment
  • Used Patient Monitors
  • Used Radiology Machines
  • Used Stress Test Systems Machines
  • Used Surgical Lights
  • Used X-Ray Machines
  • X-Ray Machines
  • Make sure to remember the information laid out above; you will be able to use it as you search for medical equipment. Keep the tips in mind, and you’ll be able to buy medical equipment you can be confident about.

    Fotobom Detroit Michigan’s Best Photo Booths

    Have You Heard About Fotobomb Booth Rentals?

    If you live in Michigan, especially around the Detroit area, and you’ve got a big event coming up then I’ve got something exciting to share with you. Whether you’re getting married, hosting a corporate event, or just throwing an amazing party, renting a phone booth from is going to make your event a memorable one.

    When you hire a booth from the site, they come and install a special deluxe booth with room for up to 10 people. They also provide a fun and incredibly friendly attendant to manage it for you and guide your guests so they know what to do. Your guests are then encouraged to use the booth to take photos, and record audio and video messages. It’s a great way for everybody to participate in the evening.

    Included as part of the service are unlimited black and white or color photos that are printed and delivered to your guests within 15 seconds. The pictures are taken by a top-of-the-line digital camera so the photo quality is great. A copy of all images is also saved onto a hard drive to be shared with the event organizer later. This is just perfect for weddings etc. as it adds a variety of high-quality, fun-packed images. Click here to learn more.

    The ability to leave audio or video messages can also have a big impact. Your guests are free to express themselves however they wish, in a way that is both natural and spontaneous. The phone booth is a great way to get people to drop their guard and just be themselves, as it is fun, novel, and not intimidating.

    Having a Fotobomb booth at your event is also a surefire way to get it talked about and remembered. Most events are pretty standard with the same sort of entertainment cropping up all the time. The Fotobomb booth is different and it will stand out and remain in your guests’ memory when other more mundane events have long since been forgotten.

    The booth is large enough to accommodate a large group, which is important as people often feel more comfortable and confident when surrounded by their friends. This results in a more compelling and energetic response from your guests, as compared with isolating them by asking them to record an individual message or have their photo taken alone.

    As you would expect in today’s connected world, all the photos and messages recorded in the booth are stored in the cloud and can be easily shared through social media and other photo booth software. This can create interest and buzz around your event whilst it’s still happening. Again, this is just another way for your event to stand out from other more standard events.

    If you’re the organizer of the event, you also get a complete record of all the photos taken and all the audio and video messages recorded, so you can go through them all later and relive your party. This is provided on a ThumbDrive for you to keep. You can also create a stylish and high-quality photo album from all the pictures captured.

    To make your event stand out from the rest, don’t hesitate in booking a Fotobomb booth – you won’t regret it.

    Review of Smith Landing Photo Booth Washington DC

    Smith Landing Photo Booth Rentals in Washington DC:

    Parties and important events can’t be imagined without photos to immortalize them. Photos are usually taken by guests or by a professional photographer. While these are good ways of making sure you are going to have some memories from the event, they don’t generate a lot or fun. For an increased dose of entertainment, you can consider renting a photo booth for your event. You can easily find photo booth rentals online on websites like

    Smith Landing Photo Booth covers Washington D.C., New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Virginia, so if you live there, you can use them to spice up your party or corporate event. Their current special package is almost $700 for a four hour rental, but you can also choose another option if you want.

    All packages include delivery, setup and removal services, so you don’t have to bother with putting together your photo booth before the event or with dismantling it when the party is over. You are also going to benefit from on site services. A staff member will be there for you for the entire duration of the party, in order to help you and your guests setup and use the photo booth as desired. All you need to worry about is coming up with crazy and creative ideas for photos. The attendant will be handling everything else for you. Anyway, generating the photo strips is fairly easy, thanks to the 32 inch touchscreen which is very easy to use.

    For even more fun, the booth comes with cool props you and your guests can use for enhancing your experience. All photos will be hosted online with a password, so that you can send your friends the link to access them whenever they want. Each photo strip can be customized with graphics and text, so put your creativity to good use and come up with the funniest headlines possible. Learn more about Washington DC photobooths by Smith Landing.

    Basic packages cover lots of options. However, if you need additional services such as video messaging, photo scrapbook service, themed props or acrylic picture frames, you can have them for a separate fee. It is possible to have almost any type of customization, but you need to contact the people at and inform them about your needs and requirements beforehand. Read more of their reviews here: Washington DC Photo Booths.

    The possibility of instantly uploading your photos on social media is another nice option to consider, especially if you have a lot of online friends or if you use the photo booth for a big social event.

    Photo booths are a surefire way for your guests to have a lot of fun and to leave your party with unforgettable memories. Such services are very easy to hire and relatively inexpensive. The photo equipment is professional, as well as the lighting systems, so you can be sure the images will look awesome, without any red-eye effects and blurry faces. Taking photos is very entertaining for most people, therefore you can be positive your guests are going to appreciate your idea and remember your party for a very long time.

    Speaking the Truth in Love


    Our Lord commanded his followers to, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to the whole creation” (Mk 16:15). If you believe in Jesus Christ, and you are a member of his Body through baptism, then you have been given a great gift that you have been called to “give away,” to share with those in your life who do not know Christ or his Church.

    There are many reasons, however, that we might hesitate to share this great gift, and one of the reasons is the challenge of discerning the how and when of “speaking the truth in love” (cf. Eph 4:18). This is what I believe Pope Francis demonstrated recently in his conversation with an atheist.

    Allow me to digress just a bit to my farm. Jesus said to “preach the gospel to the whole creation,” and I feel this includes being a good steward of His creation. St. Paul had an amazing insight concerning the salvation of creation:

    For the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God; for the creation was subjected to futility, not of its own will but by the will of him who subjected it in hope; because the creation itself will be set free from its bondage to decay and obtain the glorious liberty of the children of God. We know that the whole creation has been groaning in travail together until now; and not only the creation, but we ourselves, who have the first fruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait for adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies. (Romans 8:19-23)

    We are united with the creation around us in our groaning for the final fulfillment of the gospel, when all of us together will be free from the results of sin—our sin. And I particularly know this whenever our livestock start mooing for me to act on my God-given responsibility to feed them.

    With Fall in full color and winter far-too-quickly approaching, the grass in our pastures is no longer replenishing itself fast enough to provide sustainable nourishment for our cattle. So, we are faced with switching them to a combination of hay and a non-GMO feed.

    Right now we have whittled our herd down to six cattle: a 3-year-old Jersey who is dry now but due to calve in the Spring; two 2-year-old Angus cattle that are scheduled for a “long vacation in the freezer”; and three young Angus calves. I’ve detailed our herd to illustrate the difficulty in determining the correct balance of hay and feed to provide for them on pasture so that each of them gets their fair share. The pregnant adult milk cow needs a slightly different combination than the two adult Angus cows facing “the freezer” and the three young calves. Placing all the feed in one large trough is probably the easiest (and will probably be what I do), but unless I’m there to manage their etiquette, I can’t be sure whether the adults have controlled themselves or instead scarfed down too much, leaving the calves with too little. Ideally, I could separate them into “need” groups, and feed each accordingly, but real life makes this unlikely. So, I will probably give them the once-a-day bulk feeding, but keep a daily eye on them—especially the youngest heifer calf. She’s underweight and may need special attention. And when the Jersey gives birth, the calf and we will be sharing the daily milking duties, so the mom will need a different special feed. All of this to illustrate the symbiotic relationship between caring for and feeding our livestock.

    I fully realize that most of you could care less about the conundrums of cattle feeding (and any farmers reading this know that I’ve yet to get a handle on it), but I mention this to illustrate the conundrums of evangelism. Like the mix of my herd, we are surrounded by a mix of people—of different ages, intellect, education, interest, and psychology—but we are called by Christ to reach out to each of them with the truth of the gospel.

    Some think that this means dropping one canned gospel message on everyone, one condensed set of “spiritual laws,” that everyone must, therefore, accept and believe “for the sake of their salvation.” But this is what truth looks like without love.

    Evangelism means “speaking the truth with love” (cf. Eph 4:1). Shoving the truth down people’s throats without befriending them first in love is “proselytizing.” Showering them with love without ever telling them about the truth of Christ, about their need to seek first His kingdom, is enabling their attachments to this world, enabling their potential destruction. It doesn’t answer the groaning call within their hearts for redemption. But by befriending them first in love we learn how much of the truth they can handle and how soon. Through love we learn what they must hear immediately, “for the sake of their salvation,” and also what we can or must hold back for now, until sufficient love has worn a passage through their mountains of resistance. And usually in the process, the first mountains that need to fall are those in our own hard hearts, the mountains of pride, fear, ignorance, and sin.

    If I get tired of feeding our livestock, they will die of malnutrition. If we refuse to share our faith with those God has put into our lives, they may die spiritually; it may be that God placed us providentially in their lives to be His witness to them, and just as God doesn’t force us to love Him, He doesn’t force us to love others.

    It also might be that we ourselves might be starving spiritually because we have refused to give our faith away. In the Philokalia, a book of reflections by Eastern Orthodox mystics and monks, one such writer warns of the great sin of self-esteem. He prescribes that the only cure from the sin of self-esteem is to leave the privacy of one’s cell and care for the poor. The only way to cure ourselves of the dead road of self-centeredness is to give ourselves away by “speaking the truth in love.”

    I believe all of this summarizes what Pope Francis has been trying to communicate ever since he accepted the high and very visible office of “servant of servants”, seeking to imitate and model the Saint whose name he bravely chose—and this is particularly illustrated in his conversation with an atheist. Through the love of friendship, he gave only the mix that he discerned his interviewer was ready to receive, and this involved confronting the interviewer’s misconception that “conversion” is equivalent to “proselytization.” After quickly correcting this, he proceeded forward with just the right mix of love and truth.

    This morning was the first day I put the new feed mix out for the cattle, and earlier this evening I went out to see whether they had discovered the new treat and eaten their fill. The trough was empty, and like most of the evangelistic efforts of the Church, our responsibility is to broadcast the truth far and wide. We are not responsible for how anyone responds, and frankly we usually don’t even know if anyone is listening, but through the love of friendship—always the first step of true evangelism—we can learn how much they have heard, and discern, through patience and prayer, how next to “speak the truth in love.”